Below is the layout of the N2CID Digital Repeater network for visual representation.

The main routing system is housed locally in Buffalo NY within a Tier4 Data Center and comprised of multiple redundant power feeds, class “C” IP Subnet’s, IPv4/IPv6, Redundant Master Servers, Gateways, Network Load Balancer’s, 10G Providers and links all connected together utilizing mesh BGP/HSRP technologies to eliminate any single point of failure within the N2CID Digital Amateur Radio Repeater Network. This system is also replicated to a Tier4 Data Center in Toronto for disaster recovery. All N2CID remote repeater sites utilize up to 12H of backup power with Email/TXT/DMR notifications in the event of a power outage. The N2CID repeater sites also transmit critical weather alert information and data for Erie County when activated by the National Weather Service.


High Level Network View



Low Level Network View